Monday, March 05, 2007

SILVER LAKES "The Great Pretenders"
FIONN REGAN "The End Of History"

Continuing with our "bands who are appearing at SXSW" theme, Little Elpees today presents you with two distinctively different artists who at least share one thing in common: gorgeous gorgeous melodies.

Silver Lakes are from Atlanta and is the creative offering of Steven Satterfield, one time singer for Too Pure band, Seely. I've been listening to the Great Pretenders for the entire year of '06 and now into '07 and would desperately release it on my own label, if I only still had one. As it goes, he's self-released it (it's available on CD Baby), and the whole thing is a partly cloudy floating post-shoegaze lullaby. It's not all mellow, but even the upbeat rockers seem to have been softened with not Ambien, but maybe a pillow fight. It's highly recommended.

Silver Lakes plays the Paste magazine party on March 17 at The Belmont in Austin, TX as NOT part of SXSW. Really? Did SXSW not get them a real show? Wow.

I've posted Fionn Regan's brilliant video for "Be Good Or Be Gone", but here's two brilliant songs from his brilliant LP, The End Of History. Fionn is Irish, brilliant! The one thing to note about Fionn is his brilliant guitar playing, the guy isn't just a folk singer, he's a guitar hero. Brilliant! You will see me getting my Guinness on with Fionn at either Stubb's (Mar 15) or Buffalo Billiards (Mar 17) at SXSW. Fionn also returns to Brooklyn on March 19 at Union Hall with Hayes Peebles.