Thursday, March 01, 2007

THE BEES "Octopus"
OTIS REDDING "The Soul Album"

I hate that I'm only posting once a week now. I'm also hating that this post is like 3 months overdue. I'm supposed to share with you and I've been lame. Wait, bloggers are supposed to talk in the third person, right? Little Elpees is very very ashamed of themselves. Bad Little Elpees! K, now, get ready to be blown away.

According to my nifty iTunes program, I added the Bees forthcoming "Octopus" album on December 31. As of January 1, it's the best record of the year. Forget what I said about Dean & Britta (though that's a close running second). As of this post, it's still not out. Another thing I hate is being lost in advance music to the point where you can't answer a question like, "when is the release date?". I don't know. Soon. The Bees are good, real good. We knew they had good taste when they covered Os Mutantes, but Octopus is their first offering I feel has the "glue". The glue is what makes an album, an album.

The Bees got soul. Yes, they rip off quite a bunch of their influences, but they convince me, as they should you. I'm not comparing them to Otis Redding, I'm just saying. Hopefully they are playing at SXSW. I'm going, are you going? What are you seeing? Should I dedicate Little Elpees to SXSW until the day I leave? Does anyone read this except Liz and Bethann? Scratch my back, people.


Anonymous said...

Never heard The Bees before. Thanks for the introduction.

I can hear the similarities between "This is for the better days" and "Living for the city" but I don't think it is as derivative as you seem to. btw - I like the Bees' song better. Now I want to look them up and see if I like more of their stuff.

Blogs like this one have really introduced me to some great music - keep it up.

HK said...

ahem. i read this blog, goober. at least you're posting once a week. i posted something small on my blog last night, and realized i hadn't posted since October. hope to see you soon.

Liz said...

a) i read this but b) you knew that and c) heather called you a goober. hehehe